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    Sid's Place

    Hi, I'm Sid and this is my Place.

    Product Creation Video

    Sid's Place, LLC is a culmination of a dream of mine for a successful dot com site. 

    I've been into internet marketing for the last 15 years with some success along the way.

    I have a bachelors and masters degree in information technology. I love HTML programming and the challenge of scripting in Java and Visual Basic.

    So this site was designed by me for the most part. The products I chose to introduce Sid's Place are very intriguing to me and naturally I figure others would be just as interested since I don't have a monopoly on liking beautiful things.

    So please take a look at the products and remember, additional intriguing products will be added to the product menu in the very near future.
    Thanks for visiting my site, I really appreciate your interest. And rest assured, your personal information protection is a top priority at Sid's Place, LLC.


    As the President and CEO of Sid's Place, LLC, I've made every legal preventative precautions to ensure your protection as my Masters Degree from AIU in Cyber Security will attest.

    Also, please look at the various Trust icons at the bottom of the page! I added them to enhance your personal assurance in this site's authenticity, security and credibility!


    Thanks again,

    Sid Nelson, MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)